The U.P. Jammers’ Club after Pound for Pound 2010 Essay

U. P Jammers’ Club is an established socio-cultural organisation of a well-known university. It was founded on October 8. 1991 and since so. it has brought several musical icons in the music scene. The organisation aims to heighten the capablenesss and accomplishments of draw a bead oning immature instrumentalists and signifier chumminess within the group. The organisation showcases one-year events such as a “Freshmeat” and Pound for Pound” . The footing of this proposal study is the organization’s event which is entitled “Pound for Pound” .

This activity showcases all the executing sets of the organisation and besides serves as a annual rating for all of the members of the said group. The public presentations offer different instrumentalists playing different sorts of genre. The vocals are composings of the sets included in the organisation. Although the name of the said organisation earned congratulationss and acknowledgment for the past old ages. the over-all public presentations of the members and the organisation are bit by bit deteriorating compared to their early glorious yearss.

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Its fiscal position is non stable. few of the members are the lone 1s who are working for the development of the group. the duties are non good disseminated. and many more. Sing these debatable inside informations. the intent of this study is to happen out why such things are happening in the events of the organisation. Concentrating on a specific event such as the Pound for Pound. this paper will be covering on happening solutions to the increasing jobs of the organisation. Get downing from the readying to the appraisal of the event. this will undertake all the necessary information needed for the survey.

Pound for Pound is an one-year event of the U. P Jammers’ Club which is held every late January or early February. After the Freshmeat. which is normally held during the months of July or August. the organisation should fix for the approaching Pound for Pound for this is considered as their major activity. Equally early as September. the members are expected to seek for patrons or confederations to assist in financing the event. There should be a calendar of activities for members to cognize when to get down working and when to describe for the deadlines.

Members should already be informed sing their duties for the event. These are few of the actions done in the past old ages for Pound for Pound. Unfortunately. the former batch of abodes was non able to execute such undertakings efficaciously. What seems to be the job? The organisation has a set of executive commission who is in charge of the planning and determinations. They are the 1s who are assigned to denominate duties to their ain members. If the executive commission is non integral. so all members will non take part good.

At that clip. there were 30 members in the organisation. but seven of them. including the president are dismissed from school because of academic failure and four members filed for inaction because of fiscal instability. As a consequence. merely 19 members could work for the organisation. Few merely have the thrust to assist the organisation. The quandary seemed to root to the members. This is one of the jobs of the organisation. There is less work force and motive to work as a group. The organisation. all-in-all does non hold one specific end.

Most of the clip. dissensions seem to develop into a more helter-skelter state of affairs. There are several controversial issues within the group. The organisation needs to construct a squad. Another job was the holds of every undertaking. Even though there was a prepared program of activities. most of the clip. members tend to detain deadlines because of unfinished undertakings. The members adjust clip alternatively of them seting with clip. The inclination of the holds is to besides setback all programs. The delay of deadlines affected how members work for the organisation. Members should recognize the importance of professionalism while working.

Third job involves fundss and disbursals of the said event. The members failed to happen patrons for Pound for Pound. The organisation decided to acquire the event’s budget in the financess of the organisation. Desiring to do a good feeling. the members decided to acquire a more expensive sound system for the event. Almost all of the financess went at that place. The programs of selling merchandised jerseies. bring forthing promotion stuffs and gaining money were non met because there was inaccuracy in the fiscal programs. There was merely one individual program for the event. Fourth job involves promotion.

This is one of the of import parts in carry oning event made for the populace. Pound for Pound lacked promotion in this twelvemonth. Few teasers were produced. there were no tarpaulins and the tickets were distributed tardily. Speaking of tickets. the tickets were more expensive compared to other Pound for Pound events. The populace did non desire to pass so much doing it hard to sell them. Based upon this state of affairs. Pound for Pound had merely few audiences compared to other events done by them. There was disagreement with the fiscal records afterwards doing it harder to cover with jobs sing fundss.

Although Pound for Pound made it until the terminal. it was non really satisfactory. Methodology ( Discussions ) There are several solutions to this quandary. First. the organisation should work on the internal issues. This is the most of import. but most hard affair to decide. The U. P Jammers’ Club is considered as a group of persons. In order to develop a group. one has to understand how a group works. Bruce Tuckman’s four phases of Group Development could assist in analyzing and understanding the group. Tuckman formulated four phases on how to successfully pull off a group.

The first phase called “Forming” provinces the ability of persons to work with others but avoid such struggles in a group. Peoples have the desire to be accepted by others so they tend to avoid contentions. Second phase involves “Storming” wherein more struggles will originate and persons will get down to experience their differences and penchants. The 3rd phase “Norming” is a phase wherein the members of the group are larning to accept each other’s unsimilarities. They begin to go a more cohesive and effectual group. “Performing” is the concluding phase of Tuckman’s Group Development.

Not all groups could get to this phase. This is a province where everyone knows each other. Flexibility and Interdependence is developed. Work with squad edifices. assemblages and the similar to maintain the bonding within the members. Know the differences of each other and adjust with them. If there is harmoniousness within the members. working will be easier. Form. Plan. Act. Form the members. Know their functions and duties. Be rigorous with deadlines. Make a program of activities for the said event and proctor it on a regular basis. Disseminate all the undertakings orderly.

Let the members know what they have to make and supervise them excessively. Giving reminders and updates could assist in actuating them to work. Think of the possible things that could go on and be after in front. List all of the possible patrons and work with it. An event would non be possible if there is non adequate budget allotted for it. Use the organization’s resources to assist in polling equipments needed. Act upon the planned undertakings. Promote members to take part. Give them a small force per unit area so they could experience responsible for the given undertakings. Learn how to prioritise.

Most members were said to be inactive because of the failure to run into their academic demand. Another affair to alter is this 1. During the past old ages. good standing is encouraged for members. In this present clip. the organisation should besides supervise this affair. Set restrictions. Qualifications The PuRep Agency. a public dealingss house. one time conducted an event which was similar to Thump for Pound. except. it was better. They were composed of merely 5 active members who wanted to make an amusement for the populace. They got sets from the U.

P Jammers’ Club and prepared all the necessary operations in less than a month. The bureau worked with this event which they called “Tune up” . They made most of the methods included in this study. This merely proves that the proposed methods are effectual and possible. Before they even started working. they prepared 3 sets of programs in instance jobs occur. The bureau worked with dual attempt in looking for patrons. This means that the organisation could look for more major patrons if they would work on it instantly. All went good and swimmingly.

Costss ( Projected Expenses for the following Pound for Pound ) Expenses Amount Team Building 500. 00 Sound System 6000. 00 Venue 3000. 00 Publicity ( tarpaulins. jerseies. teasers. cusps ) 2000. 00 Miscellaneous ( transit. letters. others ) 1000. 00 ———- TOTAL 12500. 00 Schedule Section Month Activity Time August Team Building 1hr activity per hebdomad ( any convenient twenty-four hours ) September Planning 1hr of meeting per hebdomad ( assigned twenty-four hours ) October Release of Sponsorship missive 1 meeting November Look for Sound System and Venue 1st hebdomad ( polling )

December Updates 2nd hebdomad ( 2 hour ) Report organisational position Sponsors. Sound System. Venue January Event 4th hebdomad ( 5 hour ) Decision This study hence concludes the solution to U. P Jammers’ Club’s Pound for Pound internal and external quandary. Group Development is needed to beef up the credibleness of the organisation. Plan in front and move every bit professional as possible. This proposal would alter the manner the organisation works as a group. Like the PuRep Agency. anything is impossible every bit long as the group has a individual end. Any organisation can win every bit long as they’re united.