Good and Evil Sample Essay

Since the clip of The Bible and the creative activity of Adam and Eve. good and immorality has existed in adult male. For illustration. in Mary Shelly novel. Frankenstein. the animal tells us that “is adult male. so. at one time so powerful. so virtuous. and magnificent. yet so barbarous and base? He appears at one clip a mere scion of the evil rule and at another as all that can be conceived of baronial and godlike. ” He is oppugning the being of good and evil in all work forces. How can a individual be good and bad at the same clip? In the fresh Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. the animal experience and proves how both good and evil exists in adult male. The animal represents evil because of the unequal intervention from other people and from the rejection of his Godhead. He tries to speak to people but things go incorrect. For illustration. at first he was treated severely by the people. they were throwing stones. sticks. or anything they could happen at him. His 2nd experience was with the cottage dwellers. at first the animal observes that they seem nice. and how sort they are. so he tries to acquire near to the household. but when Felix sees him. Felix beats him up with a stick. All their rejection makes the monster experience entirely and fills him up with choler and all he looks for is retaliation.

“I. the suffering and the abandoned. am an abortion. to be spurned at. and kicked. and trampled on. ” ( pg. 188 ) . The animal doesn’t have anyone. so all the people run off from him. Everyone is scared of him because of the manner he looks. and all the animal wants is a friend. He can’t understand why after every good action he does for person. the individual isn’t thankful. This displays the evilness or unkindness in people because they are judging him merely on his physical visual aspect and ne’er giving a opportunity to really acquire to cognize him better. Victor wants to come up with something great that will profit world. He becomes obsess with the thought of conveying people back to life. He works on that for months and eventually it is done. He has done it. his animal lives. But after that he gets scare and runs off. so he abandons his creative activity. Then he refuses to assist Justine. who was charged with killing William. He doesn’t confess the truth because he is afraid of what others will believe of him for making the monster.

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Victor wants retaliation ; he wants to kill the animal for killing his small brother. It was Victor’s mistake because at first he was a good individual. seeking to do life better for others by coming up with a solution of conveying dead people back to life. but at the terminal everything went incorrect. Victor. alternatively of abandoning the animal. he should of stay with him to learn him ethical motives and assist him set to society. Because of all these rejections the animal was to the full justified in his feelings. “All work forces hate the wretched ; how so. must I be hated. who am suffering beyond all living things! Yet you. my Godhead. detest and reject me. thy animal. to whom thou art edge by ties merely dissolvable by the obliteration of one of us. ” ( pg. 86 ) . The monster tells Victor that he didn’t chose to be created. that why. if he was his Godhead. did he abandon him when he needed him the most? Now the animal is full of choler. hatred and all he wants is retaliation. Even though Victor created the monster with good purposes. Victor shows his evilness by abandoning the monster and so by seeking to acquire retaliation at him for killing his small brother. .

Anger. hatred and retaliation are besides seen in people during the Holocaust. a clip where people were evil and treated people otherwise because of their beliefs. race and where they came from. It is a period of clip where nil else mattered but your race. It is similar to the novel because in both cases. people are rejected and hurt merely because of their visual aspects. Besides. people can be sort and be a great individual. but they might handle people with disablements different or even laugh at them. For illustration. the animal says “Was there no unfairness in this? Am I to be thought the lone felon. when all human sort sinned against me? ” ( pg. 211 ) He feels entirely and no 1 should experience like that ; people should recognize that by moving immorality they hurt others. No 1 should be left out merely because of the manner they look. Everyone is a good individual on the interior. so why non demo it alternatively of the evil side?

In the novel. the animal is rejected in so many ways. that he ends up full of choler and hatred. He experiences bad intervention from different people. First. from his Godhead that merely abandoned him. so from the people in the small town and so from the cottage dwellers. the household he said were his defenders. He does turn out that in some ways people were nice and they did nice things for each other. but when it came up to him. everyone would reject him and beat him up. This lone causes the animal to go evil and to seek retaliation because everyone treated him severely. Good and evil does be in a individual. but people should ever be treated equal no affair what they look like or where they came from.