Systems Thinking Sample Essay

Systems’ thought is derived from sing elements and constituents that work together in relationships for the overall good of the vision or the whole. Every facet of our lives is involved in a system whether it is electronics. biological science. organisations. relationships. or ecology. By being able to acknowledge these systems we can concentrate on facts. non theories. and can look at a job or issue apprehension better where it came from. why it happened. and how to better it. “Systems thought is a subject for seeing wholes. acknowledging forms and interrelatednesss. and larning how to construction those interrelatednesss in more effectual efficient ways” ( Senge. P. . and Lannon-Kim. C. . 1991 ) .

We live in what may look to be a hierarchy of populating systems. Get downing at a cell. organ. single. group/ squad. organisation. social/ community. earth/ universe. In actuality there is a connexion between everything in being. Everything/everyone is connected to something/someone. One of my favourite illustrations of a system is the focal point of the native civilization. They use a circle to stand for entirety and position everything about them as portion of their circle.

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A dominant subject in all Native American Cultures is that of relationship or a series of relationships that are ever making further and further out. Relationships within the immediate household making out to the extended household. to the set. outward once more to the kin. and outward once more to the tribal group. Relationships do non halt at that place but extend out to encompass and associate to the environment ; to the land. to the animate beings. to the workss. and to the clouds. the elements. the celestial spheres. the stars ; and finally those relationships which people express and live extend to and encompass the full existence. ( Brown. 1993 ) .

Native civilization shows a great apprehension of how their actions have and will impact the entirety of the circle and they strive for balance within the system.

To better understand a system we should interrupt it down and place its features. Every system has a intent within a larger system. All of a system’s parts must be present for the system to transport out its intent. System alteration in response to feedback is information that returns to the conceiver and influences subsequent actions. Systems maintain their stableness by doing accommodations on feedback. When you take action by doing determinations you will see consequences and once more will do determinations on the feedback or consequences that you obtained. This is a system. a circle. and a procedure of mundane life.

These features are of import to be cognizant of. If you need to act upon a system you must first ticker and analyse how it behaves. You must analyze its round and watch it work. larning its history. If you disturb a system at the incorrect clip or indicate the effects could be negative holding a rippling consequence throughout assorted parts of the system that were non intended to be altered. Timing and apprehension are important for successfully act uponing a system.

A key to understanding many systems begins with understanding our ain systems. I do non intend our biological. but instead our person and personal liberty. by looking deeper interior ourselves. and oppugning our ain personal premises. positions. and beliefs. If we can understand our ain personal beliefs and values. that will enable us to make what we want in life. and let us to make a personal vision. We can accomplish competence and effectivity on how we think. observe. and communicate.

Communication is merely every bit of import for bettering interpersonal and working relationships. The tools that we have been larning in category from our books Non Violent Communication and Learning in Relation assist me specify who I am. recognize precisely what it is that I need. and how to efficaciously pass on those demands and acquire the coveted responses or consequences that I want. Once we understand what it is that we need and understand how a system works. merely so can we positively affect it.

There are jobs with persons comprehending systems. A individual can demo assorted types of sightlessness that prohibit them from seeing the system. One type is when you do non see the “big” image connexions. We go through life unaware of things elsewhere that can indirectly yet strongly impact our lives. Examples of this related to in category treatment would be the elephant that was drawn on the board. We placed people upon assorted organic structure parts and talked about what that peculiar portion felt like to them. Every portion was described otherwise therefore misidentifying parts for a whole. In order to see the elephant in its entirety you would necessitate to step manner back to see its importance. We besides had treatments about whether or non we felt we had an impact or are impacted by the wars in Iraq. We are connected to that through the linking of assorted systems.

Persons can besides acquire caught up in concentrating merely on the immediate. An illustration would be disregarding the yesteryear and pretermiting the hereafter. It is of import to see the yesteryear to understand how we got here and how our actions will consequence future coevalss. Another manner that one can exhibit sightlessness is in an us vs. them behavior. Each of us plays a function of a kid. a parent. an employee. a partner. Each function has its ain web of altering relationships. How we interact in one system can hold great effects on the another system/ function.

Systems’ thought is turning in popularity and importance as we seek broader solutions to current jobs. If we expand our thought about systems to include system constituents that we viewed as being on the “outside” . we will hold a more flush set of resources to pull upon and assist us work out our issues. As our apprehension of systems believing Begins to transcend our limited positions. what we consider to be boundaries of systems will broaden.

In the short period of clip that we were given to larn our subject of pick I have been busily analysing my interactions and milieus. I wholly see how one must stand at a vantage point that lets you view the whole system. non merely the job that may hold drawn you to concentrate on the system in the first topographic point. There is a spread between understanding and execution. I do non believe that systems believing entirely can bridge that spread but I do experience that it can take us to the border of what analysis can make and so indicate beyond to what can and must be done.

In the past three hebdomads I have learned to swear my intuition more and my “figure-it-out” reason less. to larn both every bit much as I can. but still be prepared for elements of surprise. Working with systems on the computing machine. among people. in my workplace. invariably reminds me of how uncomplete my mental theoretical accounts are. how complex the universe truly is. and how much I still do non cognize.