School Vice Captain Essay

Good forenoon male childs. misss. instructors and parents my name is XX. Even though I merely started here at the beginning of this twelvemonth for the OC. I’ve already been involved in many facets of School life here at I’ve represented or participated in legion school events such as territory swimming. school set. keyboard concert. friendly relationship brothers. PSSA association football. Milo Cup cricket. District Cross Country. Inter School Chess and recorder ensemble at the Opera House.

At each of these events I have ever tried my best or pursued the school slogan “strive for Excellence” every bit good as and displayed good sportsmanship. Why am I traveling for school captain? I am traveling for school captain because I want to stand for my school in the best manner possible and put something back into the school which has given me so many chances non available at my old school. I am besides traveling for Captain because I want to do the best committedness to this school. I will take this school so it can hold a tighter relationship with both pupils and the community.

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I understand that I have to give up my ain clip for this school and everyone at this school but I’m really happy to make merely that. I believe if elected. I would do a great school Captain as I enjoy assisting others and believe I ever set a good illustration for other pupils to follow. both in and outside the schoolroom. I ever like to seek my best at anything and everything I do and I enjoy lending to the school in any manner possible. The school slogan is “Strive for Excellence” and that is what I hope to make if I am elected Captain.

I see a School Captain as holding a cardinal function in being a good function theoretical account and leader to the younger pupils. particularly through our four chief School Rules related to being environmentally friendly. being a good scholar. respectful and safe. These are all countries that I strong strong belief would be merely that individual. So you should retrieve to do me school Captain because I’m tantrum for the occupation and do certain you put the figure 1 following to my name and exposure which is at the bottom right of the voting card. II would wish to complete by wishing the other campaigners good fortune and thank you for listening to my address.