Rock Music Notes Essay

A popular network radio program that was adopted for television 7) All of the following rhythm and blues artists recorded for Atlantic Records, except: A: Hank Williams (Country Artist) 8) In the late sass’s and early sass’s, the British music industry was dominated by: A: Large companies and major labels 9) The Battles first song released by Persephone was: a: “Love Me DO” 10) “l Want to Hold Your Hand” by the Battles has what song form?

C: ABA 1 1) True/False: the lyrics in the B section could be related to Hokes blues songs: 12) All of the following describe “Tomorrow Never Knows” by the Battles as a tutorial work of art, except: A: Structural format found in American Pop (Also example of simple verse) Week 6 Notes 1) Who did Bob Dylan want to meet in New York after moving there in 1960? C) Woodier Guthrie 2) What song form does “The Times They Are a Changing” use?

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A) Simple Verse 3) The urban folk revival: E) All of the above Started in the late sass, was headquartered in Greenwich Village, NY, Was a revival of traditional folk music by artists like Woodier Gunfire and Pete Gears, and demographically consisted of college age adults 4) Bob Dylan performance at the Newport Folk Festival D) All of the above Excited half the audience, annoyed half the audience, and inspired rock artists to write songs auto serious Issues Follow?

C) Contrasting Verse Chorus 5) want song Tort does “LIKe a Rolling stone” 6) Which of the following best describes the attitude of “Like a Rolling Stone? ” A) Take a hard look in the mirror 7) Which of the following movies featuring the Battles inspired Roger Miscuing to buy a 12 string Racketeered guitar? C) “Hard Days Night” 8) Which of the following best describes how the Birds recording of “Mr.. Tambourine Man” fits into popular music conventions? Minute radio friendly duration, used studio musicians to record the song, and had pleasant vocal harmonies and musical sound 9) All of the following describe how the Birds song “Eight Miles High” fits the psychedelic rock music profile except: B) Short song duration 10) Early songs by Bob Dylan focused on: B) Social injustices, civil rights, and protesting the Vietnam War 1 1) The first #1 international folk-rock song was: B) “Mr.. Tambourine Man” 12) What is the form of “Unchained Melody’ by Phil Specter? E) None of the above It is not simple verse, simple verse chorus, contrasting verse chorus, or ABA 13)

What is the meter of “Unchained Melody? ” D) 12/8 14) What is the form of “California Girls” by the Beach Boys? C) Contrasting verse chorus 15) What is the meter of “California Girls? ” C) 4/4 (according to the book) or D) 12/8 (according to professor) Week 7 Notes 1) Which of the following groups performed folk rock songs? The Mamas and the Papas, The Turtles, and The Birds 2) The album Pet Sounds by the Beach Boys is considered rock/pop music’s first: B) Concept album 3) Paul McCarty favored all of the following on “Penny Lane” Except: D) Dark, heavy sounds 4) What form does “A Day in the Life” Follow?

D) ABA 5) Which album by the Beach Boys took 37 years to be released a second time in its more complete form? A) SMILE 6) All of the following groups were part of the San Francisco psychedelic rock scene, except: 7) “White Rabbit” includes all of the following, except: D) Use of the acoustic guitar and orchestral percussion Week 8 Notes 1) The picture shown on the first slide represents: D) Album artwork for Led Zeppelin’s fourth album 2) Which of the following is representative of psychedelic rock music?

Use of strange/dissonant sounds, extended improvisation, surrealistic album artwork, USIA that is intended to take the listener on a Journey 3) All of the following are true of Led Zeppelin, except: C) Musical style rarely strayed beyond their blues based approach 4) “Whole Lotto Love” uses which of the following forms: C) Compound ABA 5) All of the following are representative of the heavy metal style; except: D) Lyrics that connect with the listener sincerely and tell a personal story 6) True/ False: Oozy Osborne was a hippie before being a member of Black Sabbath B) False 7) What song form is “Whipping Post” based on? ) What Pink Floyd album cover was depicted on the previous slide? C) Wish you were here 9) Which of the following describes the inspiration behind “Roundabout? ” B) A beautiful drive on a scenic mountain road 10) All of these are aspects of “Money,” except: E) Lyrics seem to celebrate acquiring as much money as humanly possible Week 10 Notes 1) All of the following are aspects of free form radio programming, except: B) Was started by San Francisco disc Jockey Tom Donahue 2) Which of the following is used by the record industry to signify the sale of a million copies?

A) Platinum 3) What was the motivation behind the songwriting for the songs on “Rumors” by Flatfooted Mac? C) Relationship issues between band members 4) What form does “More Than a Feeling” by Boston use? D) Compound ABA 5) All of the following are aspects of a refrain, except: D) Songs that use refrains usually have a chorus section as well 6) What song form does “Spirit of the Radio” follow? ) All AT ten Toweling winner musically Inspiring to Gigs Pop,