Qualities A Person Must Possess Essay

In this fast paced universe. extremely competitory labor market and lesser occupations for every persons. Sometimes it becomes really difficult for a individual to acquire a good occupation for himself if he does non possess good qualities required from him. Every person is born with some qualities but one can non state that those qualities are the best and suited for all occupations. For different occupations different types of qualities are required from a individual such as for a pupil. committedness towards his surveies is the most of import facet that can take him/her to success.

If a pupil has a quality of being committed to his surveies so he will ne’er give precedence to any other undertaking other than surveies and will be to the full absorbed in it until he gets what he wants. Apart from that there are some qualities that are every bit of import in any field of work you are making. In this essay I will concentrate on three peculiar qualities I have identified that a individual practising in the field of work you want to travel into must possess. The first quality that I have identified as of import for a individual making any type of work is Communication accomplishments.

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Communication accomplishments means Ability to pass on with other people. It includes Oral and written both temper of communicating. A individual who is able to pass on efficaciously and with assurance is said to hold a good Communication accomplishments. This type of accomplishment is about required in any field of work. whether it is military. learning. selling or finance. Here it is of import to observe that Knowing good English doesn’t mean a individual is a good communicator but how and when he uses a peculiar word or phrase can state if a individual is good communicator or non.

Suppose if a selling director wants to state his hoot that the merchandise Is in worsening stage but says that the merchandise is non liked by the client any longer will wholly merely alter the whole significance. Therefore in order to success in any field of work ability to pass on efficaciously can be considered as the most of import quality. ( Alessandra. 2002 ) Pressure Handling is another quality that employees should possess. Having force per unit area managing quality means commanding oneself when the force per unit area of work is enormous.

A individual whose work and covering with other people remains unaffected even when he has a batch of work to finish is said to hold a good force per unit area managing quality. There are many Fieldss of work where persons remains in force per unit area of work. some of the occupations are direction. labour working in mill. free-lance composing. etc. . Furthermore A individual who has been on a occupation for old ages will experience less force per unit area towards his occupation as comparison to a individual who is late employed.

Suppose if there are two undertaking directors. A and B. A has been late hired and is a fresh alumnus and B has been working for 10 old ages in the same field. Because of difference in experience. Manager A will hold more force per unit area from his occupations. his personal life and professional life will both be disturbed whereas director B will make the work without set uping is personal and professional life. Fortunately this quality can besides be learned through books and experience Third and Last quality that I have identified is of Emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is a new phenomena but a really of import one particularly for determination shapers Emotional intelligence means how intelligently a individual behaves when emotions comes in between. A individual who makes a incorrect determination when an emotion is involved agencies that the individual is non emotionally intelligent. We encounter plentifulness of state of affairss in our day-to-day lives when we don’t act logically but emotionally. We buy autos for immature kids even when we know that the kid is non large plenty to drive it.

Decision over Laying off an close employee when he has committed a incorrect title can merely be made by a individual who is emotionally intelligent because he knows that it can ache the organization’s repute really severely. ( Alessandra. 2002 ) Any field of work you want to travel into you must possess some qualities that will distinguish you from the remainder of the employees. Qualities like good Communication accomplishments. Pressure Handling and Emotional Intelligent are some of those qualities. At the same clip we should ever maintain in head that a individual is non born with all the qualities but he can larn it anytime during his life-time