Goals: High School and Personal Life Sample Essay

“What are some of your life ends? Goals for high school? A end for your personal life? What about calling ends? ” There are three different ends I would wish to accomplish in life. In general. one end for high school that I want to accomplish. is to acquire A’s and B’s on my study card through out the four old ages of high school. Besides. hold a end to make for my personal life is to be more organized and orderly. Last. my calling end is to go a nurse at a infirmary.

In peculiar. the end I made for High School is to hold A’s and B’s on my study card for the whole four old ages of high school. because it is of import to acquire good classs since it reflects on your GPA. which counts for which colleges you can go to. Yet. there are stairss to make for ends. One manner to have good classs. is to ever turn in your classwork or prep in mundane so. you won’t hold a F as a class on those assignments. which can do impact your class. Second of all. survey for all approaching trials. Do non wait till the day/night before the trial to analyze you won’t barely retrieve anything you had studied that dark. since you didn’t maintain reiterating the same stairss to retrieve all the information you have to cognize. In add-on. both of these stairss are of import for making this end because they both reflect on the class you receive in that category and your mean GPA.

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In this state of affairs. a end for my personal life is to be more organized. as when it comes to traveling to school and besides at place. However. to accomplish this end is by being organized to set things together in the correct topographic point where they are supposed to belong. so when you go back to look for the work or object it would be in the same topographic point you would of left it in. Besides. another manner of maintaining yourself organized is to do a list of of import things you would hold to make that twenty-four hours or bend in for school. work. etc. More significantly. seting things together in the right topographic point and composing down a list of of import things you have to make is a great manner for remaining organized.

In general. my calling end is to go a nurse. The importance of being a nurse is that they benefit the society and are indispensable for comfort and wellbeing for all people. In add-on. you would hold to acquire three different grades called. LPN ( License Practical Nurse ) you merely takes one twelvemonth and six months of college. Associate in Nursing or RN ( Register Nurse ) two old ages of college. and Bachelors Degree is four old ages of college. Besides. in high school taking Biology and Chemistry is a measure to cognize more about nursing such as. medical specialty and the human organic structure. Therefore. acquiring at least one grade out of the three and high school scientific discipline categories helps me accomplish my end.

In decision. people need to make ends for themselves to be successful. Three ends I want to accomplish is in high school to acquire A’s and B’s for the whole four old ages. to go more organized. and to go a nurse as my calling. I think ends are of import. because ends focus on what you want to pass clip on to accomplish. actuate you to make something that you have ne’er done earlier. and accomplish successful events in your life. Without ends cipher would cognize what to make in life. cognize how to accomplish of import work. and instructors wouldn’t cognize how to learn their pupils.