Ethical Theories Essay

Moral quandaries are a portion of day-to-day life and the solutions presented to them are normally dependent on the moralss that govern the single confronting them. Every individual at one point in clip has been faced with a moral quandary. This can be described as the values which are used to find the right manner to manage a state of affairs and the incorrect manner to travel about it. Each society and community has its ain moral index and in some societies. an action may be viewed tolerable or right. while the same action in another community would be viewed as unbearable and frowned upon.

The moral index of a society normally goes manus in manus with spiritual beliefs and communities which are sacredly inclined to hold rigorous regulations on what is suited behavior and what is non. Societies which have more secular values normally tolerate utmost or bizarre behaviour. The difference in sentiments of different people in what is usually right and incorrect has led to the development of assorted ethical theories. Two of these theories are utilitarianism and responsibility moralss. An illustration of a state of affairs which brought about different ethical base points is the Firestone Company pall callback in 1999 and 2000.

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The company had discovered that its freshly designed firestorm Radial ATX. ATX II and Wilderness AT tyres were faulty back in 1996. after 8 of the 18 times were singled out after they failed a trial that tested the endurance of tyres under high velocity. Of the 14. 4 million tyres sold about 6. 5 million tyres had to be recalled due to defects in the inside informations which involved the pace and one steel belt dividing from the other steel belt and carcass The inside informations has led to serious and even fatal accidents as the autos overturned when the accidents occurred while they were in gesture.

In an effort to demo difference between utilitarianism and responsibility moralss we shall see an applied scientist working for the company at the clip and the base he or she would take if they subscribed to utilitarianism or duty moralss Utilitarianism can be described as an ethical theory that proposes that the action that brings good or favourable effects to the bulk is non capable to whether it is right or incorrect significance it is non capable to oppugning. ( Fredrick. 2003 ) This theory was greatly championed by utilitarians such as John Stuart Mill.

This theory advocates for actions that produce felicity to the greatest or largest figure of people. In an ideal state of affairs this may be possible but normally any action can bring forth felicity to many or a few people depending on the action. The theory does non normally advocate for the usage of ethically right actions at all times and therefore actions which may be viewed as incorrect sometimes conveying felicity to a big group of people but the actions still remain morally incorrect. An applied scientist subscribing to the utilitarianism manner to life would hold supported the company base and the action it took.

The company discovered that some tyres were faulty and did non remember the remainder of the tyres that had already been sold. This lead to accidents which caused agony and decease and it was non until an probe into the cause of the accidents that eventually forced the Firestone Company to acknowledge liability and remember the tyres. The company did non remember the tyres because it feared the losingss that it would confront encase the tyres were all faulty. The company chose to protect their net incomes borders at the disbursal of their clients. ( Small. 2003 )

As an applied scientist with a utilitarianism position point this action would be the best because remembering would intend great losingss and downsizing in footings of occupation which would intend unemployment for many people working at the company impacting both them and their dependents. The responsibility moralss proposes that the action taken in any state of affairs should be merely and honest and respectful to all individuals involved. This ethical rule progresss for the upholding of rules irrespective to the incorrect effects whether they will be good or bad. ( Graham. 2004 )

An applied scientist working for the Firestone Company would hold chosen to remember all the faulty tyres and conducted a through probe to the causes of the defaults without external force per unit area or the menace of jurisprudence suits as incentive. The engineer moral compass would hold guided them to do such a base irrespective to the radioactive dust which is this instance would hold resulted in major losingss to the company. As per the demands of the technology profession. this mechanical applied scientist was ascribed to some basic cardinal moralss and the relevant professional codifications of behavior while in the legal power of their responsibility.

These are guidelines aimed at supplying safety criterions for the applied scientists while at work and the common good of the society. However. the same was objectively unequal in the Firestone’s instance. As a basic demand. they should exert their professional accomplishments and besides cognition in supplying contentment in the general human life. Impartiality and honestness should predominate in their service where fidelity to the populace should ne’er be compromised above that of clients and besides employers. Elsewhere. applied scientists should prosecute a continued development in their profession and convey service to their different clients without any struggle.

These are the basic basicss of mechanical applied scientists whose proficiency is provided by the support of the canons of mechanical technology. In decision the moral base point taken by any person should ever be after necessitating all the necessary information. This is because in every determination made. there are ever persons who love and those who benefit. As in the Firestone. the recalling determination would hold resulted in loss. After careful rating one should make up one’s mind on the determination that brings minimum losingss in the involved activity.