Erikson’s Stages of Development, Relating to the Great Santini Essay

Erikson’s Stages of Development. Associating to the Great Santini The Great Santini is about a male parent who is a great pilot in the armed forces. He uses his military preparation to assist him be a male parent ; handling his kids like recruits. He has a supportive married woman. and four kids. including Ben. the oldest. He commands his kids and they must obey his every orders. Ben has a difficult clip covering with his male parent and his demand for credence. The film focuses on his cluelessness to household life and being a male parent.

Ben has a difficult clip wining through the phases of Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development. because his father’s autocratic parenting manners keep him from come oning. Authoritarian parents are “parents who make arbitrary regulations. expect undisputed obeisance from their kids. punish evildoings. and value obeisance to authority” ( E. Wood. S. Wood. & A ; Boyd. 2011. p. 261 ) .

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During Erikson’s first phase. trust vs. misgiving. “infants learn to swear or distrust depending on the grade and regularity of attention. love. and fondness provided by parents or caregivers” ( Wood et al. 2011. p. 261 ) . When playing a hoops game with his boy. he resorts to forcing and jostling in order to win. Ben’s male parent tells him that no 1 in the household has of all time beaten him in anything. so. Ben makes the last basket and crush his pa. his pa changes up the regulations and makes him play for another basket. this clip he begins to name his boy a small miss and tells him he is nil. Ben is unable to develop trust with his male parent. which will do an unhealthy personality.

Research workers have concluded. “Erikson’s theoretical propositions have had broad influences on apprehension and farther theorizing in countries of kid development. adolescence. maturity. and aging. Much child-rearing. educational. and clinical pattern has besides been influenced. either explicitly or implicitly. by his phase theoretical account of development” ( Rosenthal. Gurney. & A ; Moore. 1981 ) . Ben is more rough and unsmooth on the outside. but soft and sensitive on the interior. because his male parent has non shown him love and compassion. His female parent. who is loving and supportive. helps equilibrate out his personality.

Autonomy vs. shame and uncertainty is Erickson’s 2nd phase. this phase is when “Children learn to show their will and independence. to exert some control. and to do picks. if non. they experience shame and doubt” ( Wood et al. . 2011. p. 261 ) . Ben’s male parent holds such high criterions that he must come out liberty because his male parent has told him there is no other option. This besides goes along with phase three. inaugural vs. guilt. when “ Children Begin to originate activities. to program and undertake undertakings. and to bask developing motor and other abilities.

If non allowed to originate or if made to experience stupid and considered a nuisance. they may develop a sense of guilt” ( Wood et al. . 2011. p. 261 ) . Ben has a great sum of force per unit area on him to be the best and make the best. he is afraid that he will non populate up to his father’s outlooks. When Ben had eventually beat his male parent in the backyard hoops game. his male parent wanted him to win by two baskets alternatively of one. he was seting him down and stating his boy he wasn’t good plenty.

His female parent had to step in to back up her boy and says to her hubby. “Don’t you talk to me like that! Now. he beat you and it was beautiful” ( Carlinio. 1979 ) . His female parent helps him go enterprise instead than his male parent who makes him experience guilty for non being good plenty. Ben has major struggle in the phase of industry vs. lower status. this is “ Children develop diligence and experience pride in carry throughing undertakings. doing things. and making things. If non encouraged or if rebuffed by parents and instructors they may develop a sense of inferiority” ( Wood et al. . 2011. p. 261 ) .

Ben has ever been told to be the best ; he is going a all-around male child on the outside because of his acceleration in athleticss and school. He takes a sense of pride in his work. but on the interior still doubts himself. He knows his male parent wants more from him. Ben knows he will ne’er be able to be every bit good as his male parent. In the phase. individuality vs. function confusion he is eventually able to get down caring about his wants more than his male parents. At his high school hoops game his male parent is shouting at him from the out of boundss and he chooses non to listen and does what he thinks is best.

He wins the game on his ain and sees that he can make it without his male parent. The film ends about the clip that Ben is in the phase of a immature grownup. “ Adolescents must do the passage from childhood to adulthood. set up an individuality. develop a sense of ego. and see a hereafter occupational individuality. Otherwise. function confusion can result” ( Wood et al. . 2011. p. 261 ) . Ben is able to love his male parent after a dark of his 18th birthday. when his male parent becomes highly intoxicated. and lets down his guard. and makes a toast to his boy. “I’d like to suggest a toast. to my boy.

He is 18 today. He has merely ordered his first drink. Before he drinks it. I’d like to wish him a long life. a married woman every bit all right as his female parent. and a boy every bit all right as he’s been. To my son” ( Carlinio 1979 ) . This shows Ben that his male parent loves and respects him. He is able to demo compassion to his male parent. doing it easier for him to demo compassion to others. Because of Ben’s male parents autocratic parenting manners and high demands. Ben has a difficult clip maturating through Erickson’s phases. but Ben is eventually able to develop a sense of ego.

When watching The Great Santini. I noticed that Erikson’s psychosocial phases of development show through in Ben’s personality and ego. Each phase Ben experiences. and depending on how he is treated. will impact the result of the individual he will go. The ground people are non the same is because every one experiences different things during each phase. which makes every one different. Each individual must work through the struggles in each phase to go a healthy individual. merely like Ben does in the film.