Education Is the Only Key of Life for Turkish Women Essay

Education right. right to vote and stand for election are basic rights of humanbeings and the elements of democracy. These rights are indispensable to turn out the being of a individual in society. Altough. these rights were given to Turkish adult females before many western states. Turkey fell behind in using and bettering these rights. In many parts of Turkey. adult females are non allowed to utilize their rights and it is still debated that should adult females hold occupation. should they acquire instruction and fundamentally. how adult females should populate.

Even if. there are many dissenting sentiments about if adult females should be educated or non. Turkish adult females should be educated to be able to acquire their economic freedom and be cognizant of their rights. . Bing able to do ain determinations. life independent is important necessity for people and holding economic freedom is the first measure to be independent. However. in Turkey. either adult females are non allowed to work or they prefer to be housewifes. When they are non married. they live with their households and they depend on them. after they marry. they are dependent on their hubbies.

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Either manner. they ne’er live their life the manner they want to and they are content with what they have. In Turkey. if a adult female works. she is accused of non being good female parent or married woman. Yet. on the contrary. if adult female work. she feels herself productive. effectual. societal and merely so. she additions self-confidence. Meghan O’Rourke says. “Only by working. can adult females can hold a to the full “flourishing” life” As she says. merely a working adult female gets whatever she wants and so. she becames more good for her households. Besides. if adult females work. she supports household financially and it brings to holding high life criterions.

However. in patriarchal societies. being independent adult females largely causes jobs in household. Timess of India’s IDiva research shows that. The study of over 24. 000 grownups in 23 states. conducted by Reuters/Ipsos and released on the Eve of International Women’s Day. showed that people from India ( 54 per centum ) . Turkey ( 52 per centum ) . Japan ( 48 per centum ) . China. Russia. Hungary ( 34 per centum each ) and South Korea ( 33 per centum ) were most likely to hold that adult females should non work. 52 percent adult females in Turkey think that women’s topographic point is at place because. adult females and adult male non equal in working sphere.

When adult females work. she is still charged of house jobs and these jobs take a batch of clip. besides these jobs adult females have to take attention of kids. So. it is truly difficult to transport out all together these plants and when adult females can non equilibrate house work and occupation. adult male began to kick. These ailments are another ground for women’s emphasis hence. adult females are fed up with everything and they give up their occupation. If they do non. it causes serious amendss in household. and if adult females insist to go on her occupation. it even may take to disassociate. So. many adult females have to give up their occupation garrison he sake of household.

Another ground why adult females should acquire instruction is that instruction brings adult females awareness. merely an educated adult females can be cognizant of her rights. Bing cognizant of rights is of import for adult females because. adult females are exposed to force. colza. Besides. they are forced to get married when they are kids and in Turkey. adult male can hold a 2nd married woman and adult females are forced to populate together. Harmonizing to KSGM’s research. 39 per centum of Turkish adult females are exposed to violonce by their hubbies and 48. 5 percent adult females can non state anyone about violance that they are exposed.

Womans are ashamed of being subjected violance and besides. due to they afraid of their hubby. they do non state anyone. Largely. they can non state because they depend on their hubby and their households normally do non protect them… After violance. one of the biggest job in Turkey is child brides. Particularly in E of Turkey. small misss are forced to get married a adult male who is older than them for Money. Harmonizing to studies. “Turkey has one of the highest rates of juvenile matrimonies in the world” ( Tokyay ) . Besides. the study points out that. in Turkey there are 28 per centum of kid brides. and 41 per centum of this is unofficial spiritual matrimonies. Tokyay ) .

To dispute with these unfairness. inhuman treatment. and subjugation they have to acquire instruction because if they get instruction. they become independent and cognizant of their rights hence. they do non hold to give adult male any longer. They can action their hubby. their households that commit violance or force to get married and they can support themselves. In a patriarchal society like Turkey. adult female who are cognizant. and protect her ain rights. is thought as insolet versus adult male and she is accused of losing muliebrity. In this type society. there are certain functions for adult male and adult females.

Man are charged with taking attention of his household. protecting his married woman. As to adult females. “ their chief preoccupation. fostered by parents and pedagogues likewise. is “ the chase of a nuptials ring. ” As one editor put it. college for adult females was the “ world’s best matrimony marketplace. ” ” ( reed 4 ) They are raised to be perfect married woman who respect. trust. output to their hubbies. It does non count how she is smart or successful. matrimony is the lone purpose. If she does non hold good matrimony. she thinks that she is unequal. Therefore. work forces see adult females as their belongingss.

So. when a adult female defends herself. resists once more her hubby. adult male takes this as disrespectfulness and noncompliance. Not merely adult male. besides society think that if adult female is smart and she has occupation. if she can populate herself without adult male back uping. she is tought that she loses her muliebrity. “ Collage misss. terrified lest they lose their “femininity” through any show of encephalons or serious survey. larn to camouflage their intellegence or yieldingly empty their heads wholly ( Reed 3 ) .

They avoid to demo their intellegence and endowments because they are non supposed to believe. they supposed to toe the line by told their hubby or households. substaining and widening this redirection of adult females are the powerful moulders of public sentiment: editors and authors of slick magazines for adult females. newspaper editorialists. Television shows. films. popular novels. mush. and aii the remainder. Indiously and unremittingly they warn adult females that even hankering to Express their minds and endowments would be “ to a great extent paid for” by the loss of their “femeninity”” ( Reed 5 ) . In All soap operas. all adult females magazines there are captions that manupulate adult females to remain at place and to be good married woman.

They teach them how they can do merry their hubby or what they sould make to non lose their hubby. Because all adult females should populate for their hubby. kids and all they should believe to protect this joyful life. So. if adult females put herself with encephalons and makings. it makes her unfeminine and non to proper for marry. To reason. adult females should acquire instruction in order to be stronger. to be independent. to stand on her ain legs. In patriarchal societies like Turkey. adult females should non give to regulations. traditions. on the contrary. they try to alter society position because adult females shape the whole society. .

As Mustafa Kemal Ataturk says. “Insan toplulugu kad? n ve erkek denilen iki cins insandan olusur. Kabil midir bu kutlenin bir parcas? n? ilerletelim. otekini ihmal edelim de kutlenin butunu ilerleyebilsin? Mumkun mudur qi bir cismin yar? s? topraga bagl? kald? kca. oteki yar? s? goklere yukselebilsin? ” . society will come on. upgrade every bit long as adult females have a existent sense of community. Finally. first and foremost a adult female should acquire instruction for herself if she wants to do her life meaningful. otherwise. she will be nil but man’s slave.