Relational Database Language and interfaces Essay

Data base system concepts and architecture, Data models schema and instances, Data independence and data base language and interface, Data definition languages, DAML. Overall data base structure. Various Data models: Hierarchical, Network, ERR and their comparisons UNIT: Relational Database Language and interfaces: Relational data model concepts, integrity constraints ,Keys domain constraints, referential integrity, assertions triggers, foreign key relational algebra, relational calculus, domain and duple calculus, SQL data definition queries and updates in SQL.

UNIT: Normalization in Design of Databases: Functional dependencies, normal forms, first, second and third functional personal normal forms. BC, multi-valued dependencies fourth normal forms, Join dependencies and fifth normal forms. Inclusion dependencies, loss less Join decompositions, normalization using Functional Dependencies, Multi Valued Dependencies and Joint Dependencies

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UNIT: Transaction processing concepts: Transaction processing system, schedule and recoverability, Testing of serviceability, Serviceability of schedules, conflict & view serialize schedule , Transaction processing in distributed database fragmentation, locking, Protocols for distributed database, recovery from transaction failures, deadlock handling UNITS: Concurrency Control Techniques: Locking Techniques for concurrency control, time stamping protocols for concurrency control, concurrency control in stuttered systems.

Estimation of cost and optimization of duple transfer for Join in distributed styles, validation technique, multiple granularity’s, multiversity schemes.