Creationism Controversy Essay

The Creationism Controversy Public schools have banned the theory of creationism from being taught. The Scopes Trial caused creationism to be ignored, as evolution was taught freely. Like evolution, The Big Bang Theory is promptly taught, and promoted among young students. By only teach Eng one theory of the creation of the universe, children are not given the opportunity to choose e what they believe. If public schools taught creationism along with other theories, children wool d have a better chance at feeling less pressured into believing only what they are taught.

Public c education systems should allow creationism to be taught in classrooms to better allow students to freely decide what they want to believe in. The idea behind creationism is intelligent design; the belief that the universe was m add by an all powerful being. Although creationism is entirely possible, people have a hard time believe that one entity could create everything in existence simply by thought. On the contrary, a rose cannot be made from a rock. It had to be designed to be a rose. Roses are a com peel, living organism full of parts and systems. A rock is a non living object that has no resembling heartsickness that roses have.

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They cannot both be made from nothing but an explore Soon with such differences. There are so many different and complex components to life that ca not be fully explained by the Big Bang theory. In 2005, the Discovery Institute stated, “Of coo rise there’s no way to falsify a mere assertion that a cosmic designer exists. That much we agree on. ” This statement is evidence that shows there is a possibility that creationism is in fact a ever y possible solution to the mystery of the birth of the universe. Schools should allow students sac sees to learn every main theory that explains the making of our universe.