This medieval castle overlooking the Elzbach river looks just like it did hundreds of years ago.

One of only three castles in the region left intact over the centuries, Burg Eltz (Eltz Castle) has remained in the same family for over 850 years, or 33 generations.

Though the Eltz family first moved into the castle in the 12th century, they continued making renovations and additions for centuries. As such, it wasn’t completed until between 1490 and 1540.

The 80-room castle is still occupied today, and looks much as it would have hundreds of years ago. Local stories say that it is infested with the ghosts of medieval knights.

The castle is one of the few in the area that survived the Thirty Years’ War. The French did not destroy the castle thanks to its location, and some skilled diplomacy on the part of the landowners.

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